Detroit multimedia artist and College for Creative Studies alumna, Jaclyn Schanes, has recently concentrated her expression through acrylic paint with a focus on the Motor City.  Paintings of vintage cars as well as vintage sports stars, with the use of white space, draw your eye to the vibrant colors. Recently, her "LaFerrari" Acrylic 3'/4' on canvas was sold in the silent auction at the renowned Concours D' Elegance. She has designed for multiple apparel and costume companies, including her own, Motor City Baby. In London she worked as a fabric designer for H&M, Primark, and Forever21. Jacx was also head of costume design in feature films, including Art House, starring Gretta Gerwig and Iggy Pop. In her exhibit/performance, "Show Pony" at Detroit's Re:View Contemporary Gallery in 2010, Jaclyn dressed in a chain bodice covered in her water color portraits, all of which were removed by the patrons. For the sold out exhibit she wrote, performed and recorded soundscapes/songs that lasted a duration of 2 hours.  A "cover girl", Jaclyn's art has been the cover of multiple publications including twice on The Detroit Metro Times in 2011 and 2015 and on The Jewish News of Detroit in 2016.  Jaclyn has exhibited worldwide and her work can also be viewed on her Instagram @Neojacxcity and Jaclyn was one of four Detroit artists commissioned to create large scale murals to promote director Katheryn Bigelow's movie "Detroit".  Her four murals, two of which measured eight stories high, were put on public display on prominent Detroit high rises in anticipation of the world premiere at the Fox Theatre, the first red carpet event of its kind in the city of Detroit.